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From MTJGD Website:


Who are the MTJGD Certified Coaches™?


MTJGD Certified Coaches™ help to bring the MTJGD™ vision and mission to studios all around the globe. Through presentations, workshops, writing, and coaching, our coaches provide education and training for our 300 More Than Just Great Dancing!® studios.  MTJGD Certified Coaches™ are experts in specific areas of the studio business such as leadership, enrollment, programs, finance, and more!


MTJGD Certified Coaches™ are trained by industry leader Misty Lown to represent MTJGD™, teaching best practices in business. Coaches complete a rigorous certification program and ongoing professional development.


MTJGD Certified Coaches™ have taught for and been featured at the Dance Teacher Web, Dance Teacher Summit, Dance Teacher Expo, Hollywood Connection, DanceLife Teacher Conference, Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine, Dance Revolution, Toronto Dance Teacher Expo, Insight Magazine, Studio Owner University®, Dance Business Weekly, Dance Safe Canadian Council, and more!


What is a certified coach?

MTJGD Certified Coaches™ help to bring the MTJGD™ vision and mission to studios through training, speaking, writing, and coaching


What does certification enable them to do?

Coaches are able to participate in training & coaching almost 300 More Than Just Great Dancing® Studios worldwide. In addition, they will have the opportunity to contribute their expertise in INSight Magazine and engage in speaking opportunities at large.


How does one become a certified coach?

They are hand-picked by Industry Leader, Misty Lown to complete a rigorous training program that concludes with a live stage presentation.


What special skills or expertise does a certified coach have to offer that others don't?

MTJGD Certified Coaches™ have mastered how to articulate their expertise, prepare for speaking engagements, coaching, and effective communication overall. They produce a product that includes the science and art behind communication which results in a product that has authority and credibility.

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