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Why Choose Studio b?

Our dance and fitness classes are designed to motivate, develop and inspire people of ALL ages. Not only is Studio b a place to come and move, but we are also a community of people with common interests, goals and dreams. We love to encourage and support one another! Our goal is for each interaction with us to be a positive one, and we sincerely hope you feel it every time you walk through our doors.​

Core Values

As Studio b is developing, all of our actions and decisions will be driven by and based on our core values. This is our road map:

b . Purpose Driven

  • Achieve our highest potential by acting with integrity and accountability

  • Create a better community through purpose and meaning

  • Be conscious that we are serving a cause greater than ourselves

b . Humble

  • Proud of Studio b’s culture, but not conceited, as conceit impedes future growth

  • Thankful for the many dedicated people working together to fulfill personal and collective goals

  • Aware that true inspiration may come from anyone; listening to and respecting all ideas

  • Know that part of success is the result of good fortune, which should never be taken for granted

b . Committed

  • Committed to taking care of the customer, our community, ourselves and each other

  • Love what we do and do what we love

  • Know that we must take care of ourselves today, so that we may serve others tomorrow

  • Strive to live balanced lives focused on responsibilities, relationships, recreation and rest

b . Community Minded

  • Aware that we are part of a great community and serve that community to show our appreciation

  • Develop our students to be giving and kind-hearted

b . Continuously Evolving

  • Understand that Studio b must evolve to remain relevant and useful to the community

  • Question the status quo, not accepting “...because it’s always been that way” as sufficient

  • No matter where we are today, commit to improving ourselves tomorrow

What does the "b" stand for?

The concept behind the name "Studio b" centers on the belief that we all have choices in life.  
We can "b" who we want to be: we can choose our path as well as our attitude while we are on the journey.  
I believe we are all uniquely created by God and we have the ability to use our individual gifts and talents to enjoy our lives
and impact the lives of others.  b • mindful of how you spend your time and the choices you make every day
because they all add up to who you are and what you will b.  - Brooke Hardebeck, Studio b owner, instructor

At Studio b, our staff is here to serve you. We are proud to employ technically trained, YPAD certified and nationally competitive dance instructors, certified and licensed fitness professionals, and customer service representatives that specialize in serving the needs of our clients. Our work is our passion, and we love what we do. Get to know us a little better by reading the 'b' phrase that inspires each of us. We encourage you to adopt a 'b' phrase of your own, too! ​​ See what motivates each of us to b the best we can be, click here for staff bios.

In January 2018 I will celebrate my 4-year anniversary of going to fitness classes at studio b, and I cannot imagine my life without what has truly become my "happiest place." Over the last 4 years there have been some challenges that took me away from studio b from time to time, but every time I came back, no matter how long it had been, I was met with open arms that hugged me, picked me up and spun me around, and gave me high fives to welcome me back. If I miss a Zumba or Pound class, the instructors and my friends check in with me to ask if I am ok and where I was. I feel appreciated and valued there more than anywhere else I have ever been. I had a chronic health issue for 9.5 years before studio b, and that place literally healed me - all of me. The best thing that I can do for my happiness and holistic health is go to Zumba and Pound at studio b, and I believe everyone who comes and tries it will feel the same.  -Michelle A.

The atmosphere at Studio b is positively contagious and no one leaves without feeling better than when they came. Brooke and her staff change lives for the better each day and with each class.  -Kama D.

I’m very grateful to Studio B for providing a safe place for my children to go every week.  Studio B is a place where they learn not just dance skills, but also discipline and self-confidence.  They are allowed to be themselves without judgement and with so much support from everyone there.  Studio B isn’t just a dance/fitness studio – it’s a community where all are welcome to just B!  -Megan F.

As a single mom of special needs children I was so busy taking care of them that I never took care of myself. My friends talked me into doing a Zumba class at Studio b.  This was a life changing decision for me. The instructors are all kind and caring and make working out so much fun! They inspire me with their strength and positive attitudes. I have made so many friends since my first class 3 1/2  years ago.  Studio b has changed my life. Because of Studio b I now lead a healthy lifestyle by eating better and working out daily.  -April K.

Studio b has provided quality dance classes for my children and exercise classes for myself. But most importantly they have been willing  to reach out to the local students who would not have an opportunity to take high-quality dance classes, and have provided instruction to them through my afterschool program at Murdock Elementary. The partnership between my program and Studio b has impacted students socially, emotionally, and has given them an experience that they may not have had.  -Kimmy W.

I tell everyone that Studio b is my home away from home- it’s where I am comfortable to by myself, I feel supported, and it’s somewhere I can count on for smiles and laughter. When I went to my first Zumba class, I was nervous about working out in front of strangers, but those strangers quickly became friends and the nerves that I had were immediately erased with the instructors’ smiles and assurance that there were “no wrong moves”. After that my daughters and I have frequented the studio on a regular basis with no end in sight. There is no other place that I would rather workout OR send my girls to for dance instruction, it really is my place to “b”!  -Jessey C.

What does Studio b mean to me? Studio b is a special place to be.  The environment is one of warmth, encouragement, and support. It is a happy place for me.  No matter how my day has gone or what life challenges weigh on me, I feel so much better after doing Zumba with the staff at Studio b.  There is laughter and fun while exercising. In addition I have formed new friendships. Just walking in the door of Studio b, one is greeted by the office staff with a smile, a thank you, and the feeling that they are glad you are here.  I am so glad that I found Studio b and have become a part of the Studio b community. -Donna L.

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