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Studio b is more than a place to come and move; it's a community of people with common interests, goals and dreams.  It's a place to come for personal development, encouragement, support, to have fun and b • you!  Because at Studio b, you are the focus. We want every class you take, and every experience you have with us to be a positive one. Our classes are designed to motivate, develop, and inspire people of all ages. ​

Dance makes great kids!

From your child’s first class to their final recital performance, your child will thrive at Studio b! At Studio b, dance classes are More Than Just Great Dancing!®. Our dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident, and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community.

Did you know...

Students who regularly participate in dance:

1. Earn higher GPAs

2. Perform better in science, math and writing

3. Earn higher test scores on SATs

4. Enroll in 4-year colleges and earn mostly As

Source: National Endowment for the Arts

Additionally, dance boosts confidence, coordination, and compassion for others. Dancers learn hard work, perseverance, and team work. Or as we like to say around here...Dance makes great kids!

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Our Studio b staff is here to welcome and inspire you!

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We appreciate your interest in our studio!  We opened in January 2014 and are having so much fun sharing what we do!  We offer instructional dance classes for ages 2 to adult in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and more.


We are located on the corner of 9th & Union in Lafayette. We would love for you to stop in for a tour of our beautiful facility and to learn more about our classes.  Please click here to learn more about our studio, meet the staff and read our core values.

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