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Safe Studio Commitment

We are committed to creating a safe environment at Studio b.  It starts with our Studio b Way and currently we are focusing on taking all of the steps necessary for you to feel comfortable with us. Please review our list of procedures below.  

Dance Education Safety

At Studio b safety is our top priority and therefore we are committed to the following ways to promote safety throughout our studio.

  • All staff is background checked

  • All staff is CPR trained

  • All staff is educated in being positive role models in body image, behavior and social media

  • We are committed to age appropriate music, costumes, and choreography

Dancer Drop Off / Studio Lobby

  • Dancers may enter the building 5 minutes prior to the start of class; the doors will automatically unlock at that time. Upon entering, we ask dancers to sanitize their hands, change their shoes and enter their studio room once the instructor calls in the class. 

  • Dancers will be called into the class by their instructor. 

  • For dancers with one class, parents are invited to wait in the lobby during that class time.  For dancers with multiple back-to-back classes, we ask that parents drop off their dancer and pick up at the end of their last class time.

Door Unlock/Lock Procedures

  • Our Silver Room and West Lafayette Annex are not always staffed with a customer service team member.  For the safety of our dancers and instructors, the door will automatically unlock 5 minutes before class time starts and will automatically lock 5 minutes after the class begins. If you arrive after the door has locked, please ring the doorbell to alert the instructor to open the door for you.

  • The main studio door will remain unlocked until the last class begins.  At that time the door will automatically lock for the evening.  Please knock or call if you need assistance. 


  • With decreasing positive COVID-19 cases and quarantines across Tippecanoe County, Studio b is a mask optional facility. 

Frequent Hand Hygiene​

  • Hand sanitizer is available outside of every studio room. Students will be encouraged to wash hands and/or sanitize before and after classes.

  • Hand washing posters are on display in the bathrooms as reminders. 


Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

  • We have increased our cleaning frequencies and sanitation procedures in high traffic areas and high touch surfaces of the studio such as doors, floors, counters, stereos, and bathrooms.

Pease note: If you have been exposed to or tested positive to COVID-19, please review the CDC guidelines for quarantine and isolation. Your dancer's school guidelines can be helpful as well; if your dancer is clear to return to school s/he may return to the studio. 

Updated 6/16/2022

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