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Safe Studio Commitment

We are committed to creating a safe environment at Studio b, we call it our "Studio b Way." 

Dance Education Safety

At Studio b safety is our top priority and therefore we are committed to the following ways to promote safety throughout our studio.

  • All staff is background checked

  • We are committed to age-appropriate music, costumes & choreography

  • All staff is CPR trained

  • All staff is educated in being positive role models in body image, behavior and social media

Door Unlock/Lock Procedures

  • Our Silver Room and West Lafayette Annex are not always staffed with a customer service team member.  For the safety of our dancers and instructors, these doors will automatically unlock 5 minutes before class time starts and will automatically lock 5 minutes after the class begins. If your dancer arrives after the door has locked, please ring the doorbell to alert the instructor to open the door for you.

  • The main studio door will remain unlocked until the last class begins.  At that time the door will automatically lock for the evening.  Please knock or call if you need assistance. 

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