Dance Class Descriptions

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Acro (acrobatics/tumbling) is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence. Classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment with emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform proper technique. Class levels have required skill lists that ensure dancer's safety. 


tumble tots (ages 3 - 5): This 30 minute class offers young children an introduction to the fundamentals of tumbling that will provide the building blocks necessary for their potential development in dance and overall fitness. By learning the benefits of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control inherent in all aspects of tumbling, your child will be better equipped to safely enjoy and excel in all of his or her future athletic endeavors.


level I: Introductory level class that will build acro skills and knowledge of the basics. No requirements to enroll in this level, recommended for ages 6+

level II: Required skills for enrollment include push up to bridge, pre-cartwheel, "L" handstand, somersault/forward roll ending in standing up position and flexibility - working on splits (right, left and center). 

level III: Required skills for enrollment include backwards roll, standing down to bridge, bridge to standing, bridge kick-over to standing, front limber (handstand to bridge to standing), one-handed cartwheel, able to walk on feet in bridge, both right and left side cartwheels, flexibility - working on splits (right, left and center), cobra stretch with back arch within 4 - 6 inches from head. 

level IV: Required skills for enrollment include both front and back walkovers, can hold handstand for 10+ seconds unassisted and 40+ seconds on wall/support, able to hold bridge for 40+ seconds, acro Arabian, handstand to chest roll out, flexibility - splits (right, left and center) 2 inches or less off of ground, cobra stretch with back arch 2 - 4 inches from head.  


level V: Required skills for enrollment include side aerial at minimum, back handspring or back roundoff back handspring, both one-handed (right & left) front and back walkovers, toe rise, flexibility - full splits (right, left and center) plus oversplits, can touch feet to head in cobra back arch stretch. 

teen acro: For dancers ages 13-18 that are looking to gain and work on acro skills. Students must have a bridge and cartwheel at minimum to enroll.

acro conditioning (level III+): acro requires strength and flexibility to perform skills safely and successfully. In the class, students will be challenged in conditioning, flexibility, balance, and coordination to prepare them for acro skills. 


Ballet is the foundation of many dance forms and will maximize technique and longevity in a career of dance. It provides grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in all other areas of dance. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence. 

tiny tutu princess (ages 2.5 - 3): This 30 minute class is designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, and social skills through dance activities with a fun princess theme. Dancers will be introduced to basic ballet technique. Tiny tutu princess is offered to children age 2.5 to 3 years.

tutu princess (ages 4-6): This is an introductory class containing ballet and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basic ballet steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement and gross motor skill development games in a positive and fun environment. Engaging music is used to get these little ones inspired to dance.

pre-ballet: For students who have taken several sessions of tutu princess and are ready to leap into the world of ballet! This beginner level class will cover the proper placement of body position, posture, terminology and class behavior. The goal is to prepare these young dancers to move on into higher levels of ballet class. A great class for 6-7 year olds who love to dance!

level I: For beginner dancers ready to learn the basics of ballet (recommended for ages 7+). Students will build off of the five positions, master plié variations and tendus, among other level-appropriate skills. Dancers will use both the barre and center floor. Dancers will work to master level I curriculum to move on to level II with the instructor’s recommendation. 

level II: This class will take the skills learned in level I and build upon them to strengthen the dancer's precision and ability. Students will advance on to more difficult skills and utilize both barre and center floor work to improve their technique. Dancers must show proficiency and receive a recommendation to progress to this level. 

level III: For advanced ballet dancers looking to challenge their previous knowledge and training. Students will learn more difficult combinations and skills, while developing finesse and classic style. Dancers must master all level I and II skills and technique to enroll in this level with an instructor's recommendation.

level IV: Highest level of ballet currently offered. Placement will be by teacher recommendation. Dancers learn advanced combinations and skills, as well as classical variations and ballet history.

beginner ballet (13-18): for teenage dancers who are new to ballet technique and looking to learn the basics with their peers.

Broadway/Musical Theater

Have you ever wanted to dance like a Broadway star? This class introduces dance forms found in musical theater, incorporating elements of ballet, jazz, and modern.  Learn the Broadway Jazz style influenced and made popular by the likes of Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins and musicals like Annie, Oklahoma, and Grease.


Broadway boogie (ages 4-6): a fun-filled class for your tiny dancer to learn performance, characterization, and the basics of musical theater technique.


Broadway jazz (ages 7-9): incorporating elements of ballet, jazz and modern, dancers will learn broadway jazz basics and gain an appreciation for musical theater history.


musical theater jazz (ages 9+): geared toward older dancers with some prior experience, musical theater jazz will build off basic techniques and incorporate a focus on different musical theater styles.

Creative Movement

Creative movement is a fun, interactive class to introduce young students to dance. The instructor uses games, stories, and songs to teach balance, rhythm, movement, coordination, and basic ballet and jazz steps.

Recommended for ages 3 - 5. 



Contemporary combines ballet and modern techniques with musical and emotional expression with a strong focus on modern techniques (contractions and release, off-center balances and suspension) as well as musicality and self-expression Recommended for with some prior dance experience, particularly in ballet or technique. 

contemporary (ages 10+): this class explores the contemporary style with introductory level technique and focuses on interpreting music and choreography. Students will work on the ability to pick up stylized choreography and movements.

contemporary/modern (int/adv): this fast-paced contemporary/modern class is designed for dancers who have taken multiple sessions of contemporary and are ready to learn advanced techniques.

Dance Team Prep Class

Designed specifically for middle school & high school dancers hoping to audition for a school dance team. Dancers will work on technique such as leaps, turns and flexibility as well as learn a variety of style combos (jazz, pom, hip hop, etc.). 


Dance With Me

This dancer and parent class is a perfect introduction to music & movement! Dancers will engage in follow-along dance sequences that focus on coordination, listening, simple rhythm and patterns. An adult must accompany dancers to class each week. A really fun and memorable bonding experience! 


Hip Hop

Hip Hop incorporates a variety of old and new urban, street and pop dance styles. The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. Hip hop dancing is very dynamic and helps the dancers improve flexibility, develop body balance, and coordination.


superhero swag (ages 3 - 5): This is a fun creative movement class with a dash of jazz, hip hop and swag for your tiny dancers to become comfortable & confident on the dance floor.

hip hop kids (ages 5-7): This class serves as an introduction to hip hop dance for the younger student. Using games and music, the class focuses on rhythm, musicality and basic footwork. It is a great way to get kids moving!

boys hip hop (ages 8+): Have a boy at home that’s looking to tap into his inner hip hop super star? This class, specifically designed for our male students, explores the hip hop genre in a fun, friendly and low-pressure environment for your dancer to grow and thrive in his performance skills.

hip hop level I (ages 7-9 and 10-12): great for beginner/intermediate level dancers looking for a fun, upbeat class.


hip hop level II (ages 10-12 and 13-18): incorporates more intricate choreography and movement with faster-paced routines and music - placement with instructor recommendation. 


Jazz dance is an exploration of style and presentation. Classes emphasize musicality and body alignment, conditioning, stretch and strengthening, rhythm and stylization as well as fun and innovative choreography.


kiddie jazz (ages 4 - 6): Kiddie jazz is an introductory class with jazz basics to fun and kid-friendly music. Dancers will learn the beginning steps of jazz and work on picking up choreography sequences that fuse together style and technique.

level I: recommended for ages 7-9. Introduces dancers to the jazz genre and basic technical skills (i.e. jazz walk, chaine turns, single pirouettes, jetes and kicks). Builds dancers' style and confidence while working on musicality and the ability to pick up choreography and connect steps and skills together with fun, upbeat music.

jazz (ages 10+): this class is designed for dancers ages 10+ to continue working through the jazz genre and basic technical skills. 


jazz funk (ages 8+): jazz funk incorporates both the jazz and hip hop styles. Dancers will learn rhythm, stylistic movement, and basic technique with a flair for performance. 



This class is a combination of ballet and jazz that challenges dancers to use choreography and movement to interpret music and express emotion. Dancers learn to express emotions derived from lyrics to convey the dance’s meaning.​ These classes introduce students to the styles of both genres and the method in which they are combined, while understanding the performance aspects of lyrical. 


lyrical (ages 7 - 9): recommended for dancers ages 7 - 9 with some prior dance experience.

lyrical (ages 10+): designed to build off of the concepts in lyrical I but can be taken as a stand alone class to learn the basics of lyrical dance with other older dancers!




twinkle toes tap (4-6): This energetic and exciting class is designed to provide young dancers an introduction into the fundamentals of tap dance. Early exposure to the rhythms and unique mind-to-foot connection associated with tap dance will allow students to progress and excel at the art as they move through life.

tap I (7+): This class is designed for those with little to no experience with tap dance. The core of the class will focus on the development of basic technical skills (shuffles, paradiddles, flaps, pickups, cramp-rolls, etc.), as well as the ear, or ability to understand music. A small portion of the course will be dedicated to learning about and honoring historical tap figures to gain a holistic understanding of the art form.


intro to tap (ages 9+): This class will implement skills from tap I to help dancers ages 9+ take a look inside the world of tap!

tap II: This course will be fast-paced and exciting. It is designed for those with prior experience in tap, and will focus on further developing both technical skills and the ear. Other course objectives include the ability to quickly learn combinations without vocal instruction, a deep understanding of tap history, and an ability to improvise comfortably.​


tap III: Highest level of tap currently offered. Students will be placed based on instructor evaluation.

adult tap (beg): always wanted to try dance? Join us for beginner adult tap. This popular class is geared towards adults with little to no experience in tap who want to enjoy a structured weekly class to focus on technique as well as choreography.

adult tap (int/adv): This course is geared towards adults with some prior knowledge & experience in tap that want to enjoy a structured weekly class to focus on technique as well as choreography. Placement in this class is generally through instructor recommendation.



leaps & turns I: Appropriate for beginning dancers, or those looking to work on the basic technical skills. This class focuses on the breakdown of foundational skills such as splits, single pirouettes, chaine and pique turns, jetes and extensions. Recommended for ages 7+.


level II: This intermediate level is for dancers who have learned the basic technical skills already, and wish to perfect those as well as work on new progressions. Dancers will learn the proper technique for more difficult skills, such as calypsos, center leaps, double pirouettes, may begin working on turns in second and skill progressions across the floor. Students should master level I skills to progress to level II.

dancer conditioning: For dancers ages 9+ looking to improve overall strength to help with dance skills such as leaps, jumps and more. Dancers will learn proper stretching techniques, conditioning exercises and incorporate strengthening movements to help build proper muscle strength and coordination needed for dance. Recommended for ages 9+. 


technique & conditioning (level III+): For advanced dancers with previous technical training. This class will build off of prior knowledge and ability to develop precision and accuracy in technical skills. Students will work on proper alignment, strength, flexibility, understanding of body awareness and mobility to help improve their execution of leaps, turns, jumps and other dance skills/tricks. Class will incorporate drills, exercises, across the floor combinations, floor work and more to really train and develop further in technical skills and ability.




li'l poms (ages 6-7): for students who are ready to leap into the world of pom! This beginner level class will cover pom dance basics such as arm motions, strength and coordination. Dancers will also use pom-poms. A great class for 6-7 year olds who love to dance!


pom dance (ages 8+): this class will introduce pom basics - strong arms, quick and sharp movements, jumps, kicks, and turns, as well as incorporating the use of pom-poms. Pom dance will incorporate elements of jazz, hip hop and sometimes lyrical styles. 


center court (ages 8+): full of fun, high-energy pom, jazz, and hip hop dance styles. Think halftime performances by dance teams with a focus on entertainment pop jazz, rich in performance-quality technical dance and exciting choreography guaranteed to get the fans off their seats! Your child will learn what it takes to be center court! (Recommended for ages 8+)


Stretch & Flexibility

This class is designed for dancers ages 9+ with some prior dance experience. Flexibility, muscular awareness and proper stretch techniques are the basics of this course. Dancers will learn how to stretch without injury and develop an understanding of how to deepen their flexibility.