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SbDT Tips & FAQ

Below are the notes from our first team meeting.  Thank you for the great tips!

General Advice

  • Make sure your dancer is getting enough sleep prior to competitions

  • B-12 is a great vitamin to take

  • Make sure they are eating enough good food

  • Epsom salt baths are helpful

  • Competitions can be very stressful for the dancers, remember this when they are being less than fun

  • Turn to the other dance parents. Veteran parents are happy to answer questions, give advice, and lend a hand. (on a side note, I loved how friendly all of the other parents were. It can be hard to be a new person coming in when everyone else knows each other and what is going on, but I thought everyone was so welcoming. I was also worried that there might be some overly intense moms, but I did not pick up on that vibe at all).


Class Attire

  • For ballet class dancers are required to wear a leotard, tights, and have hair in a bun.

  • For other classes, clothing must be form fitting except for hip hop. 

  • Appropriate shoes are required for all classes.


Competition Tips/Info: Travel

  • book your hotel as soon as possible as rooms fill up quickly.

  • if you need two beds make sure to make your reservation as early as possible. 

  • Studio b will send out hotel info as soon as they know.

  • book your hotel for all of the nights of the competition. You can always cancel if you don't need a night, but it is hard to add.

  • be sure to cancel your hotel room for the nights you do not need. You often have to do so at least 3 days in advance to not be charged. 

  • the competition site is often not at the hotel, so do not assume you can easily run back and forth to your room.


Competition Tips/Info: Hair and Make-Up

  • all dancers will have the same hairstyle

  • a tutorial video will be coming

  • ask other parents if you need help with hair, but be sure to plan ahead so that everyone has enough time

  • you can do hair the night before. Use a lot of hairspray and have child sleep with a satin shower cap. These are available at Walgreens or other stores. Look in the ethnic section. 

  • Dancers need to have uniform make about colors including blush and lipstick will be coming. 

  • All dancers except for minis will wear false eyelashes. These can be bought in bulk at Amazon, Ulta, or the Dollar Store.

  • Lip Sense Fly Girl is long lasting and does not rub off.

  • color stay eye shadow creme does not run or flake onto cheeks or costumes

  • Primer and finishing spray help to set makeup. 

  • Magnetic lashes are not recommended. 

  • Practice hair and make-up well in advance. 


Competition: Performance Day

  • Dancers are not required to be at the entire competition, only for their routines

  • The actual schedule of routines is not available until just before the competition, so you should block out all competition days on your calendar. 

  • Call times can be very early.

  • Dancers need to check in 2 hours prior to the performance with the team. 

  • Dancers with early routine times need to be there when doors open.

  • Dancers will go backstage with coaches to get ready to perform. 

  • Parents can meet up with dancers after they have performed.

  • Studio b families like to sit together to watch performances. 

  • Competitions often run ahead of schedule (as much as 30-45 minutes), so do not plan to leave the venue during breaks.

  • Studio b uses a GroupMe App to provide updates during the competition

  • Most competitions will have concessions stands. Some take cash only. 

  • Bring a cooler with snacks and food for the day. 

  • Make sure you dancer(s) stays hydrated and fed throughout the day. 

  • Parents are encouraged to share photos from the competition to the Dance Team's Facebook page.


Dance Classes

  • all team members will take 5 classes, 3 choreography classes and 2 technique classes.

  • additional rec classes are encouraged, but certainly not required--you will not be looked down upon if additional classes do not work for your dancer or your family.

  • Additional technique classes such as ballet or acro are helpful. 

  • Dancers receive a 30% discount on all rec classes and if you take advantage of the early bird special it is a 35% discount. 



  • Studio b works very hard to keep families informed and updated. Primary forms of communication are emails, a team newsletter, the dance team Facebook page, and this year there will be a private page on the Studio b website that will include a calendar. 

  • always communicate with Brooke or Cristin about anything related to your dancer and her ability to perform. 

  • there will be a team directory. Please submit a picture of your dancer with her parents. 



  • There are fundraising opportunities. 

  • All of these opportunities are optional and the money you earn goes directly to your dancer's account. 

  • Double Good Popcorn Palace Fundraiser.

  • Calendar Raffle in October. Each participating family is asked to donate a $20 item such as a gift card. 

  • Parents can join Yes Express for a $10 fee to participate in other local fundraising opportunities such as working at the Taste of Tippecanoe or gift wrapping at the mall. If you are interested, please reach out to Connie (it would be helpful to know how to best contact her)

  • Crabby Mike's food sales at home Purdue football and basketball games. Parents and girls can work. More information to come. 




  • Q: What do you do with all of your stuff at competitions. Do we have to lug all of the costumes around all day or is there somewhere to put them?

    • A: All of the dancers costumes and bags can be left in the dressing room during the day​

  • Q: If you child is in a trio or duet, how does that work. Do you have to arrange for practice times/choreography? How do you pay for that?

    • A: Students selected for duos and trios will pay for a choreography fee that includes the choreography session and some private lessons.  Those private lessons will be coordinated and scheduled by the choreographer.  Additional lessons will likely be necessary and those are offered at a discounted rate.​

  • Q: Are there volunteer needs from the parents?  

    • A: There are some volunteer opportunities such as helping to prepare for the Christmas Parade, Winter Showcase, and Recital.  ​

  • Q: What would you suggest girls bring to a competition to keep themselves occupied during the day between routines?

    • A: Many students will go to the auditorium to watch routines during their breaks.  You can also bring games, tablets, portable DVD players, books, etc. ​

  • Q: What do girls wear to the competitions when they are not dancing?

    • When not competing students will typically wear Studio b gear, clothing purchased from the competition site, and team warm up jacket.​

  • Q: Do you need to tickets to watch the competitions?

    • A: There is no fee for spectators to watch the competitions.  If you would like a program there is a fee for that.​


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