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Winter Showcase FAQ

  • What time is the Recital?
    We hold multiple recitals and each class is assigned to a specific show. This year there will be four shows. Show times are: Friday Show: 7:00 pm Saturday Show #2: 2:30 pm Saturday Show #1: 10:30 am Saturday Show #3: 6:30 pm CLICK HERE FOR SHOW ASSIGNMENTS
  • When and where is the Recital?
    The 2023 Recital will be held Friday, May, 26 and Saturday, May 27 at the Rohrman Performing Arts Center inside of Lafayette Jefferson High School (South 18th Street, Lafayette).
  • Is there parking available?
    After you drop off your dancer, you can find free street parking or use a nearby parking garage. A new parking garage is under construction just around the corner from the Long Center and is expected to be finished by our recital dates.If not, The Columbia City Parking Garage is located at 18 North 5th Street, just two blocks from the Long Center.
  • What time will the doors open for the auditorium for the audience?
    Doors will open 60 minutes prior to showtime for the audience to find their seats and get ready for a great show!
  • How are classes assigned to each show?
    Assigning classes to each recital is a long planning process. We start by accommodating dancers in multiple classes and then try to put siblings in the same shows. The tricky part is making sure we do not have too many families in one show (or we will run out of seats) or shows that are too long (as many parents enjoy our shorter shows). We have a recital planning software that helps us plan our shows with the least amount of conflicts. However, sometimes families will be assigned to multiple shows. Siblings in multiple shows is a common practice for many dance studios. More shows = more fun and memories for the dancers!
  • Will I get priority access to purchase tickets?
    Tickets will be on sale for our dance families on Friday, May 5th at noon. More details on tickets to come!
  • Is there a dress rehearsal?
    There will be no dress rehearsal for the recital. We will help our students prepare the best they can during their weekly class times instead. Weekly attendance in class is important as this is how your dancer will prepare for the big show!
  • How long is the recital?
    We anticipate each show being approximately 1 hour.
  • Who cares for my child backstage?
    Our qualified, background-checked staff assist, coordinate and supervise backstage for the duration of the show. We spend months planning and coordinating staff so that you can relax and enjoy the show!
  • Can I take photos and videotape the performance?
    Recital is an important memory, one you will always cherish! For that reason, we hire a professional photographer and videographer for all shows. Phone and flash photography and videography can be a distraction to our dancers as well as parents sitting around you. We ask all audience members to refrain from taking pictures or filming for the safety of our dancers and the enjoyment of the other members of the recital audience.
  • Will pictures be taken in costumes?
    Yes! Each year, we coordinate a professional photo shoot with Lausch Photography. Ed Lausch and our staff will make sure you get beautiful, high-quality portraits in dance poses. A range of packages are available for purchase. More details coming soon!
  • What if my dancer's hair is too short to be put in a bun?
    No worries! If hair is too short for it all to be pulled back, please pull the front back so that it is not in their eyes while performing.
  • Are dancers required to wear makeup?
    We believe that parents should be able to decide what is appropriate for their dancer based on their parenting style. That said, please be aware that dancers without any makeup on may appear washed out under stage lighting. Stage lights are very bright and the best way to look natural under them is to rely on a little makeup. We recommend at least a warm blush and red lipstick. If your dancer is very young, keep in mind the recital is a once-a-year event, and it feels a lot to your dancer like playing dress up :)
  • What are the check-in procedures?
    Each class will be given a check-in time that a check in time that will be posted in BAND and sent via email closer to big day. Please be sure your dancer arrives on time with hair & makeup done and in their first costume.
  • What are the post-show procedures?
    At the conclusion of each show, one parent will be asked to meet your dancer in the check-out area.
  • Do children age 2 and under need a ticket or can they just sit on my lap during the show?
    Lap sitters will not require a ticket.
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