Winter Showcase FAQ

Is there a fee to watch the performance?

As always, there is no fee to watch the Winter Showcase performances. Each year this has been a great opportunity for us to come together as a community to celebrate our students as well as help those in need. This year, we will be collecting monetary donations for the St. James Food Pantry. Families will receive an email link to 'purchase' tickets for the showcase and can make their donations electronically.

How should dancers wear their hair?

Female dancers' hair should be in a bun on the crown of the head. Male dancers should comb/slick their hair out of their face.

What are the arrival and departure procedures?

Dancers will be checked in upon arrival to the gymnasium. Spectators will have their tickets scanned and then be seated in the general admission seating in the bleachers. Dancers will remain with their class and instructor for the duration of the show and be dismissed to guardian(s) at the completion of the show.

Is there a dress rehearsal?

There is no dress rehearsal for the Winter Showcase.

Can I take photos and videotape the performance?

Yes! You are welcome to take photos and videos of your dancer's performance. We will also have photo backdrops set up to capture the memories of their 2021 Winter Showcase performance. Please share your photos with us by sending to Ed Lausch Photography will be taking professional photos during the performance, and those will be available for purchase after the showcase on his website.

Do performers have to wear makeup?

Performers will not be under bright lights so makeup is not required; if you chose to wear makeup, we recommend gray tones for the eyes and a burgundy shade of lipstick. For many dancers, wearing makeup helps it to feel more like a special performance.

When and where is the 2021 Winter Showcase?

The 2021 Winter Showcase will be held on Sunday, December 12th at the St. James Gymnasium (615 N 8th St, Lafayette, IN). There will be four separate showcases, to spread out our fall session classes for the in-person event to take place safely. Show assignments can be found at and it is also printed on the t-shirt wrap around each student's Winter Showcase t-shirt.

What time does my class perform?

Each class will be assigned to a showcase. To see the times for check-in, show start time and show order please click the links below. Show #1 12:30 PM Show #2 2:15 PM Show #3 4:15 PM Show #4 6:00 PM

What if my daughter's hair is too short to be put in a bun?

No worries! If hair is too short for it all to be pulled back, please pull the front back so that it is not in your dancer's eyes while performing.

How many guests can each dancer bring to the performance?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are limiting the number of people in the audience during the performances. We will have two seats reserved per family. Performing siblings of dancers and young children (lap sitters) are permitted to join for the performance without a ticket. If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

Will there be an option to watch virtually?

We will not have a virtual viewing option for this year's winter showcase. Families are welcome to record and take photos during the performance. We ask that there is no flash photography and you are respectful of others around you.

How long is the performance?

Each showcase will feature between 12 - 15 routines. Each routine is approximately 1 minute in length. These shows are short, sweet and fun!

What safety procedures are in place for this event?

To help promote social distancing and to keep our performers and families as safe as possible, each family will be permitted two guests to attend this showcase in person at the St. James gymnasium (performing siblings and young lap sitters are also allowed to attend show(s)). Safe Studio Procedures will be followed at this event, and updated as needed as the showcase approaches. We ask that masks are worn when social distancing is not possible. Dancers will wear masks while waiting with their class and may remove the mask for their performance. We will make any necessary updates to these procedures as we continue to monitor the local community guidelines and recommendations.