meet tami

phrase that inspires you: b • different

Be true to yourself. Everyone is different, and in a different walk of life. I love to learn different things from different people and then turn around and teach others what I have learned.

what inspired you to start leading fitness classes?

I have a super stressful day job and I needed something that relieved my stress. I found Pound and have never looked back. I had an awesome Pound instructor who inspired me to become a Pound Pro. I always strive to help people and this is my way of giving back.


what keeps you motivated?

Seeing the class with a smile on their face. I know that I am not only helping them
physically, but mentally as well.


licenses & training:

  • Pound Pro Certified


  • Veterinary Technology Teaching Award in 2016

what do you do when you're not teaching fitness classes?

I am the veterinary technologist emergency and critical care supervisor at Purdue University's veterinary hospital. When I am not there or at the studio, I have two dogs, a cat and a husband to go back home too. I also enjoy playing the flute.


why do you teach at studio b?

The studio is an amazing place. There is a sense of community and it is so nice to have a place that you can go to and de-stress. Everyone that attends classes and works here are some of the greatest people you will ever meet.

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