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phrase that inspires you: b • revolutionary

In a world that often sets us on paths before we even know we’re on them, I think it’s important to remember that there are always unfamiliar and exciting paths waiting to be explored. Whether that’s thinking outside of the box and taking risks in choreography or improvisation, or revolutionizing what it means to be “successful,” there is always room for innovation and change. From the dance studio to life outside the studio, being revolutionary can bring fulfillment that we didn’t even know was possible. I strive to find that fulfillment in dance, and life more generally, by challenging myself to be revolutionary every day!

when did you begin dancing?

I saw my older sister in ballet classes and recitals when I was young. Eager to follow in her footsteps, I asked my mom (from what I remember) to sign me up for ballet when I was about 5 years old and I’ve been dancing ever since—23 years and counting!

what keeps you motivated?

Dance is a great space for introspection and self-discovery at any age. What keeps me motivated is seeing students develop a strong sense of self through dance and movement!

awards/performance opportunities:

  • 2016 Regional Choreography Award from Talent On Parade for my contemporary small group piece, “Home."

  • Dancer with Dream Project Dance Company for two seasons

  • Dancer with Colorado Dance Collective for five seasons

  • Dancer with 8th Street Contemporary Dance Company for one season


trained in which dance genres? 

  • Ballet

  • Lyrical

  • Contemporary

  • Modern

  • Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • Tap


why do you want to teach dance?

​One of my most influential ballet teachers often talks about dance as her “constant.” To use her word, dance is the “constant” in my life that allows me to move through the inevitable changes life throws my way. Being able to pass that “constant” onto younger dancers, so they will also have something steady to hold on to when life presents uncertainty, is why I teach!

why do you want to teach at Studio b?

​The community-minded core value of Studio b is what drew me to this space. Dance has always been the primary way that I’ve connected with the communities I’ve lived in—and as a social scientist I know how important it is that we’re connected to our communities! There is nothing like inspiring appreciation for your art and passion in your community, and Studio b is a great example of how to do just that.


fun facts:

 am a PhD Candidate in the department of sociology at Purdue where I study how various social forces contribute to health disparities in the U.S. When I’m not working on my research or teaching, I am usually moving, through dance, yoga, running, or anything else that gets my body moving; taking pictures of my cat, Kitty; enjoying the outdoors; or traveling nationally and internationally with my partner, Luke!


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