another update...

Whew! What a process! We had planned to open our new Studio b facility today, but unfortunately there were unforseen delays in the inspection process due to an issue with one area of the building and we will not be able to open until January 27.

Being delayed by another week is not ideal, but it is a huge blessing considering it could have been much longer. We were told initially by the City of Lafayette building inspectors that the delay in our opening could be up to two more months in order for the building owner to resolve the issue! Since the issue that needs to be resolved is in a part of the building that we are not using for our studio, the inspectors spent extra time working through a solution so that we could open Studio b with only a 1-week delay. We are so appreciative of their time and efforts to get us open as soon as possible!

We can't thank you enough for your loyalty and patience. Studio b will be opening very soon and we assure you, it will b.worth the wait!

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Studio b 

736 N 9th Street  |  Lafayette, IN 47904

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