Studio b named Small Business of the Year by the Greater Lafayette Commerce

Studio b was selected as the Small Business of the Year by the Greater Lafayette Commerce.  The SBOY program is designed to recognize small businesses in our community for their dedication to community giving, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Below is an excerpt of our application.

Tell us about your business' culture of giving:

At Studio b, we have a list of core values that are our road map to guide us in all of our decisions. You can see these core values literally written on the wall at the studio! One of our core values is to “” - aware that we are part of a great community and we will serve the community to show our appreciation. We love to bring the community together by organizing events and providing dance and fitness classes. We have become the first studio in Indiana to be certified by Youth Protection Advocates in Dance with the goal of uniting our dance community by providing awareness of safety in dance regarding costuming, choreography, and music that can lead to the healthy self-esteem and development of our youth.


Who to give to and why:

We love giving back to many organizations that make a positive impact in our community. For me personally, as a “Little” growing up, Big Brothers Big Sisters was an important part of my childhood, so it is an honor to support them each year. We bring the message of breast cancer awareness to the forefront with our Zumba Pink Party by bringing a survivor to share their experience, while raising money for the YWCA Women’s Cancer Program. We also support the St James Food Pantry through our Studio b Winter Showcase by providing food donations rather than an admission fee. 


​Why are these gifts important to your business:

This community has helped to shape the person I am. Raised by a single mom with three children, studio lessons were not an option. I taught myself everything I could - even meeting up with friends who took studio lessons to teach me what they learned in class. It was then that I had a dream to someday open a studio so that I could provide opportunities to children, like me, who had a love for dance. And now this community is supporting this dream, and for that I am extremely grateful. By giving back we are also building relationships, which in turn, strengthens our business. For me, it is a privilege to give to this community.  


What advice would you give other small business owners about developing their culture of giving:

My advice to other small business owners is to make giving back a part of your culture and to find what works best for you. No two businesses are the same. Discover where your passions lie and use that to guide you in the way you give back.  For us it all starts with providing a place where our dance students and fitness participants can connect through a positive, healthy, and happy outlet. Having that strong sense of community within our organization, it is natural for us to want to share that culture and give back to the community that we all serve.