dress rehearsal

& recital photos

recital date & location

Sunday, May 3 at 4 pm (performers should arrive at 3 pm)

Lafayette Jeff High School Auditorium  |  1801 South 18th Street, Lafayette

enter through entrance #17 pictured below.











dress rehearsal & recital photos

Saturday, May 2  |  8 am - 12 noon  |  Lafayette Jeff High School Auditorium

dress rehearsal & photo schedule 


All performers should come to the dress rehearsal and recital fully dressed in their recital costume.  If you are involved in more than one performance, please come dressed for your first rehearsal number/photo session and bring the rest of your costumes. 


Recital Photos: Ed Lausch of Lausch Photography will be taking photos during our dress rehearsal. A group photo will be taken of each class and you will also have the option of taking an individual photo.  Group photos will not be retaken, so please don't be late to your photo time! 


There are price lists available at the studio to help you pre-select your photo packages. To make photos a smooth process, please have your form filled out ahead of time with payment inside the envelope or credit card information written on the outside.


what to bring to rehearsal & the recital

Please bring a bag for dress rehearsal and recital packed with the following items:


(IMPORTANT –please label your bag and all items in the bag with your name) 


  • DANCE SHOES – double check that these are in your bag!

  • costumes (if in more than one number)

  • extra tights (in case of a run)

  • bottle of water (no colored drinks please)

  • snacks

  • a game, toy, book, etc

  • wet wipes to clean any sticky hands (you don't want to get your costume dirty!)

  • stain remover wipes (just in case!)

  • hair brush and hair ties

  • sweatershirt or jacket to keep you warm between performances

  • tiny tutu and tutu princess students: please pack a 3 x 5 index card with parent name, cell phone number(s), and seat numbers listed on it (to be used in case of emergency).