2017 Recital

recital details

This is your on-line destination for everything you need to know about Recital 2016.  Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more information as we get closer to recital.

Sunday, May 1, 4:00 pm (students should arrive by 2:45 pm)

Rohrman Performing Arts Center @ Lafayette Jeff High School

1801 S 18th St, Lafayette

recital performance order (pdf)

recital details

This is your on-line destination for everything you need to know about Recital 2016.  Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more information as we get closer to recital.


We are thrilled to hold our recital in such a beautiful, state of the art facility!  The Rohrman Performing Arts Center has comfortable seating, plenty of parking, ample space for performers backstage, several dressing rooms, and a large stage to fit our big groups.  And we are able to project the recital on a screen for the students so they won't have to miss what is happening on stage! 


Rorhman Performing Arts Center @ Lafayette Jeff High School 

1801 South 18th Street, Lafayette 

Entrance / Where to Park

From 18th Street turn onto JR Hiatt Drive.  Enter the building using the doors under the South Canaopy (entrance #16).  Parking is available in the lot near the entrance, at the back of the school, or in the parking lot at Tecumseh Middle school. Handicap parking is available along the entrance on 18th Street.



Thank you to all fo the family and friends who purchased tickets for the 2016 Studio b recital.  The theatre is completely sold out, so we are not able to offer any more seats.  Please be sure to print out your tickets or have them ready to show on your cell phone so that we can be sure you are in the proper seats. (we also will have a print out of all tickets purchased at the recital if you have lost your email)


If you did not get a seat for the live show, please be sure to order a DVD by clicking here.

What to Bring

Please bring a bag for dress rehearsal and recital packed with the following items:


(IMPORTANT –please label your bag and all items in the bag with your name) 


  • DANCE SHOES – double check that these are in your bag!

  • costumes (if in more than one number)

  • extra tights (in case of a run)

  • bottle of water (no colored drinks please)

  • snacks

  • a game, toy, book, etc

  • wet wipes to clean any sticky hands (you don't want to get your costume dirty!)

  • stain remover wipes (just in case!)

  • hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins, hair net

  • sweatershirt or jacket to keep you warm between performances

Each year we hire Time-Keepers Productions to create a DVD of the recital. The recital DVD gives your dancer the opportunity to see what the audience sees. The DVD also allows dancers to show off their performances to family and friends who may not have been able to attend the show. DVD’s are $35 each.   


To be fair to all, there can be no photographs taken and no video cameras or cell phone cameras used during the actual performance of our Spring recital. If you wish to take on-stage video or pictures of your performer, you must take them at the dress rehearsal and NOT at the performance. Cameras can block the view of others and be extremely disruptive. The light emitted from cell phone cameras is distracting to everyone behind you.  Being a member of the audience means that you will be considerate of others and not take pictures from the audience during the show. 


click here to purchase recital DVD online

Costumes, Shoes & Tights

  • Costumes will be purchased for each class performing in the show. To ensure all dancers receive a costume, we will automatically purchases a costume for each child in every class unless the parent previously notified the studio their dancer will NOT be participating in the recital. Costume prices vary between $45 - $75 per class.

    *Dancers NOT participating in the show must let us know by February 1. This can be done over the phone, in person, or via email. Unless this is communicated with us, a costume will be ordered for each dancer and the parent will be responsible for the costume fee.   

  • Costume Fittings – To determine the proper costume size, we will take measurements and have each dancer try on sizing leotards. Sizing will take place throughout the month of January during their regularly scheduled class time. Pictures of recital costumes can be viewed in the waiting area and online beginning in February. Costumes can be paid for at the studio or through our website once the costumes are posted online.

  • Recital costumes will be distributed in April. The studio policy is to hold all costumes until the family balance is paid in full. Thank you for your cooperation on this.

  • In order for each class to look polished and professional onstage, we ask that parents purchase the correct color and style of shoes for each class.  A pair of the required tights is included with your costume.  Al dance shoes may be purchased at Studio b.

Hair & Makeup

  • All peformers will wear their hair in a bun on the crown of their head.

  • All dancers should arrive for both the dress rehearsal and the recital wearing the first costume they will perform in and with hair and makeup done.

  • We would like all dancers, even the little ones, to wear some makeup to not appear washed out onstage. Black mascara and a eye shadow in the shades of plum or gray should be worn on the eyes. Cheeks should be a true pretty pink with a burgundy/red lip. Please no fuchsia or very bright red lipstick. Older dancers’ makeup should be applied heavier for stage. Remember, the lights are very bright and without makeup, faces become washed out from afar.

Recital Photos

We take individual and group photos on dress rehearsal day for the convenience of our dancers and parents. Each performing group will take their photos and then make their way to the stage for their rehearsal time.  A specific schedule for photo and rehearsal times will be posted in April. 


April 30 dress rehearsal/photo schedule 


  • All dancers participating in the show are required to attend the onstage dress rehearsal

  • Each class is given a specific time for their rehearsal and class photos – students are not required to stay for the entire rehearsal but are certainly welcome!

  • Students should report to the check in tables at Jeff High School 10 minutes prior to their scheduled rehearsal time and at 2:45 pm on recital day. On recital day, parents of students ages 6 and under will receive a wrist band with your child's name on it.  The wristband must be presented when picking up your child after the show.

  • All performers should come to the dress rehearsal and recital fully dressed in their recital costume.  If you are involved in more than one performance, please come dressed for your first rehearsal costume/photo session and bring the rest of your costumes. 

  • Recital Photos: Ed Lausch of Lausch Photography will be taking photos during our dress rehearsal. Individual photos will be taken of each student and a group photo will be taken of each class.  Group photos will not be retaken, so please don't be late to your photo time! 

  • There are price lists available at the studio to help you pre-select your photo packages. To make photos a smooth process, please have your form filled out ahead of time with payment inside the envelope or credit card information written on the outside.

  • photos and video recording are allowed during dress rehearsal only - not the recital.

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