2016 recital

Sunday, May 1 at 4 pm

Lafayette Jeff High School Auditorium

1801 S 18th St, Lafayette



recital benefits for your dancer

  • The recital is a fun experience that creates lifetime memories

  • It allows dancers to fully experience a performing art and the unique feeling of being on a stage

  • Parents can always expect age appropriate movement and costumes

  • Preparing for a recital is a way for dancers to work on memorization skills, rhythm, technique, teamwork, and much more… they LOVE having something to be proud of and it shows!

  • It gives dancers the opportunity to perform in front of an audience that will boost self-confidence in everything they do

  • Family and friends get to see what their dancers have learned in dance class

  • Athletes have games, dancers have a recital. This is what we practice for all year long!

  • Instills a passion for the arts in children’s lives