meet pukhraj

what inspired you to start dancing?

The summer before college, I started watching dance videos for fun on YouTube. I was amazed at these incredible performers, and I started wishing I could dance like that. But I realized wishing would not get me anywhere. So instead of wishing, I started working. I watched dance tutorials on YouTube and learned everything I could. I practiced any chance I could get. The real test came when I auditioned for Dance2XS at Purdue. I remember overhearing everyone talking about their experience. “I’ve been dancing for three years”, “I’ve been dancing for five”, “I’ve been dancing since I was two”. I could barely walk when I was two. Nonetheless, I auditioned and made the team. Since then, the people I have meet have been incredible, and have pushed me to be the dancer I have become.

what keeps you motivated?

One of my main motivations is the desire to perform on stage and captivate an audience. I enjoy any opportunity to share my craft. In addition, I have a strong drive to improve myself. Specifically, some members of Dance2XS have motivated me to always be looking to improve. Looking back and seeing how far one has come is a unique feeling. I want to always be better than I was yesterday.


​I have performed with Dance2XS at Urbanite in both UIUC and Chicago.​



​Dance2XS Purdue​


trained in which dance genres?

​Hip Hop and basic fundamentals of breaking​

why do you want to teach dance?

In sharing knowledge that I have, I can support the growth of dance as an art form and a culture. This allows the knowledge that I’ve received from my mentors to be propagated forward, in a way that allows me to give back and forward to the dance community.  In addition, by working to improve others I will explore my own strengths and weakness, which pushes me to improve. Thus, teaching dance is one of the most beneficial activities that I can do for others and myself. Overall, I may aid the evolution of others, myself, and the community in teaching dance. This something that I cherish and would be honored to do.


why do you teach at Studio b?

Studio b has been my first real dance home, and practicing and learning here has been experience like no other. The community this studio has fostered is nothing but supportive and joyful. Everyone cares immensely about dance as it has shaped their own individual lives. It has been a blessing to practice here with Dance2XS and will be amazing to teach in this atmosphere.

any other fun facts you'd like to share?

While not a competitive eater by any means, I can eat quite a bit of food. All of the instances below are separate.

·        36 wings

·        2 large pizzas

·        3 quarts of lo mein

·        2 five guys burgers and large fries

Note : These endeavors are rare, and I normally eat quite a healthy diet. 


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