meet lexie costa

what inspired you to start dancing?

I started dancing when I was 3 years old, so it is difficult to remember what exactly inspired me to dance.  However, what has inspired me to keep dancing is the way that it makes me feel.  Dance has allowed me to escape the challenges that life may bring and express my emotions through performance.  Having this deep connection and passion to dance has inspired me to want to continue it for the rest of my life.


what keeps you motivated?

Positivity keeps me motivated.  When I am surrounded by others who lift me up rather than break me down, then I am motivated to be my best self. 


  • Purdue Golduster Dance Team

  • Recipient of Outstanding Golduster Award

  • Ambassador for Purdue's College of Education

  • Miss Purdue University 2013

  • Recipient of 2 Illinois State Championship Titles for High School Dance Team 



  • Alpha Phi Sorority

  • Order of Omega Fraternity

  • Miss America Organization


trained in which dance genres?

  • ballet

  • hip hop

  • jazz

  • kick

  • lyrical

  • pom

  • tap

why do you want to teach dance?

I teach dance because it gives me the opportunity to help young dancers grow.  At Purdue, I am also studying to be a teacher, and whether it's in a classroom or in a dance class, I love experiencing my students' enthusiasm when they learn something new.


why do you teach at Studio b?

I teach at Studio b because it is a fun and exciting environment for dancers to connect.  I am very passionate about both dance and fitness, so I am ecstatic to work for a studio that aligns with my own personal values.


any other fun facts you'd like to share?

I am very fortunate for all of the amazing places dance has taken me the past couple of years!  In addition to performing in Ross Ade Stadium and Mackey Arena as a Purdue Golduster, I have also danced in a variety of incredible venues.  In 2013, I was fortunate enough to perform in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland.  For the past three summers I have performed at the Indianapolis 500 and on the Miss Indiana stage as a contestant in the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Miss Indiana Pageants.  In August, I will also have the opportunity to perform in Medellin, Colombia during their annual parade and festival.

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