meet lahm

what inspired you to start dancing?

I started dancing back in high school. I got into dance by seeing people dancing on TV, and I thought it was really cool. It was fun to dance as well, so I just keep on dancing until this date.

what keeps you motivated?

The constant urge to get better and knowing that I can get better keeps me motivated to dance. Dancing is all about progression, so there’s always room for improvement, and you have to find ways to keep you motivated to continue dancing.


trained in which dance genres?

  • hip hop

  • popping

  • breaking


special training/master classes:

I have taken classes from famous Hip Hop choreographers like Poreotics, Academy of Villains, Brian Puspos, Lando Wilkins, and other choreographers from the Chicago area.


what do you do when you're not dancing?

When I’m not dancing, I focus mostly on school, but I also find some times to just hang out with friends and play video games.


why do you want to teach dance?

I started out dancing on my own; I self-taught myself all the fundamentals. I know how hard it is to have to teach yourself how to dance. So I want to teach the kids dance classes and share with them the knowledge and experience that I gained, so they don’t have to learn it by themselves.


why do you want to teach at studio b?

I’m on Dance 2XS Purdue, and I have only taught for the team so far. I think Studio b gives me the opportunity to reach out to more people and share with them the style I have to offer.


any other fun facts you'd like to share?

For my class, I like to see everyone go all out and just have fun dancing. People should remember that at the end of the day, we all know that we started dancing because dancing is fun.


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