Fall Session Parent Info

Thank you for joining us for the 2016 Fall Session!  We want you to have the best experience possible,
so we have put together some information to help you be prepared for your classes and for the Fall session. 


New Class Levels


In order to better serve all of our students, we have made some changes to our curriculum.  Our classes are now leveled, with specific skill sets for each level, so that you can be sure that you are enrolling in the right class and that you are getting the proper training to develop your skills. Our instructors will help you to master the skills in each level and will give you an evaluation at the end of the session to help you to see how you are progressing.


Please be sure to review the skill sets for each level to determine the right class for you.  If you would like to speak to one our instructors or be evaluated to determine which class is best for you, please contact us at office@StudiobLafayette.com.


Class Attire


We have a relaxed and conservative dress code at Studio b, however, it is important to be dressed appropriately for each class.  Just like you wouldn't wear a tutu to soccer practice, we would prefer you save your soccer uniform for the field! :)  Dressing appropriately will also give your dancer confidence and help us see their body lines so we can help them become the best dancer they can be! Please check out our dress code list below. Please note, midriff-bearing tops are not permitted. Required shoes are available for purchase at the studio.

(click here for more details on what to wear to class)

Connect with L.A.'s Top Choreographers with Studio b!  

Studio b is thrilled to partner with L.A.-based CLI Studios to offer our students an amazing learning opportunity! We are one of only 100 studios across the country to be selected to partner with this amazing company! You can join the CLI program for just $48 ($12/month*) for your unlimited access to classes during the Fall Session.  You'll get exclusive access to online classes with some of the industry's BEST; tWitch, Allison Holker, Kathryn McCormick, Nick Lazzarini and Teddy Forance, to name a few. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! 


*$10 for the first 20 students to sign up! 


Holidays & Makeup Classes - Monday & Thursday Classes


There are two holidays during the Fall Session that fall on a Monday: Labor Day and Halloween, therefore, we have reduced the tuition for Monday classes.  We are able to provide one makeup class on Monday, December 12 to make up for one of the days missed. 


We will also be closed on Thanksgiving Day and will have makeup classes on Thursday, December 15.



Inclement Weather


In the event that the Lafayette School Corporation cancels classes due to the weather, and the roads are still not drivable by 3 p.m., Studio b will cancel all classes for the evening. Class cancellations will be posted on Facebook and posted on the front page of our website. Canceled dance classes due to weather will be made up at a later date.


Studio b Winter Showcase


All of our choreography-based Fall Session classes will perform in our Winter Showcase. The Winter Showcase is a low-key (and low cost) opportunity for our students to gain performance experience.  This year we are pleased to present our 3rd annual Studio b Winter Showcase!


Studio b Winter Showcase

Sunday, December 11, 2016 (time TBA)

St. James School Gym (615 N 8th St, Lafayette)


music & choreography

The music we use in class and during the Winter Showcase is a mix of popular music and seasonal, holiday music. 
As always we strive to have family-friendly music and age-appropriate choreography in all our classes and performances.



showcase performance attire

shirt: Each student enrolled in our Fall Session will receive a free Studio b t-shirt to wear for the Winter Showcase performance!

bottoms: girls - black capri pants; boys -black basketball shorts or pants (If you need capri pants we have some available at the studio)  


shoes: Students will wear the appropriate shoes for their class
(i.e. jazz shoes, ballet shoes. We ask that you purchase your shoes from the studio so that all students have the same color and style)



hair & makeup: All girls’ hair should be in a bun on the crown of your head.  Performers will not be under bright lights so makeup is not required; if you chose to wear makeup, we recommend gray tones for the eyes and a burgundy shade of lipstick.



cost of admission

The Winter Showcase is a great opportunity for us to come together as a community and help those in need.  The admission for the Winter Showcase is five or more non-perishable food items per person to be donated to the St. James Food Pantry. There is no performance cost for the students.