dance technique

dancer conditioning (age 10+)

Our dancer conditioning class is a fun class that will help dancers of any level become better dancers.  This class will help you develop a stronger core for better balance on turns, strengthen your legs for more powerful leaps, and increase upper body strength for controlled execution of choreography. Plus this class incorporates cardiovascular activities to give you increased stamina and endurance for performances.

Mr. Adamle has a Personal Training Certification from American Sports and Fitness Association and is also certified in Tabata. Be sure to carry in a pair of clean tennis shoes for this class.


leaps & turns technique

This class is designed to work on strength, flexibility, and the 'tricks' of dance. Improve your dance technique through this power packed class! Students are invited to perform in the recital opening number, but it is not mandatory. 


class attire: jazz shoes, fitted tank, dance shorts


beginner: Appropriate for beginning dancers, or those looking to work on the basic technical skills. This class focuses on the breakdown of foundational skills such as pirouettes, chaine and pique turns, jetes and extensions.


intermediate: This level is for dancers who have learned the basic technical skills already, and wish to perfect those as well as work on new progressions. Dancers will learn the proper technique for more difficult skills, such as calypsos, center leaps, multiple pirouettes, fouettes and progressions across the floor.


advanced: For dancers with previous technical training. This class will build off of prior knowledge and ability to develop precision and accuracy in technical skills. Students will also work on advanced skill combinations, multiple fouette combinations and positions, switch leaps, turning discs, among others. 


stretch & strengthen

This class focuses on flexibility and strength. It is designed for dancers to increase flexibility and build muscle. We focus on upper, lower, and core strengthening exercises to excel dance technique and abilities. 


class attire: bare feet,  sole shield or jazz shoes, comfortable clothing

need shoes?

We've got you covered! We take the guesswork out of dance shoe ordering by fitting your child with the proper size so you know you have a good fit.  And most orders arrive within the week, so your shoes will be delivered to the studio before your next class!