About the SbDT

The Studio b Dance Team is a group of dancers who audition and are selected to represent Studio b.  These dancers are interested in expanding their dance and performance education by being a part of this competitive and performance dance team. Through Studio b, these dancers have the opportunity to showcase their talent on-stage at a local and regional level throughout the season.


The objective of the Studio b Dance Team is to provide a team experience that will enhance the dancer's technical abilities, provide them with community performance opportunities, connect them to innovative choreographers and experienced professional dancers through convention workshops and in-house master classes, and allow for growth as a performer with the critique that comes from a competitive setting. 

The Studio b dance team is open for ages 5 - 17. If you have a young dancer (ages 4 - 7) who may also be interested in a dance team experience, please check out our b.bopper information! 


Are you interested in being a part of this exciting and recognized performance team? Studio b holds auditions annually for dancers interested in taking their talents to the next level, and opening the door to a new avenue of dance!  Auditions are typically held the beginning of June. 

Click here for the 2019-2020 audition packet. 

How to prepare for auditions

Private lessons are another great way to prepare for your audition. Please e-mail us if you would like to schedule a private lesson with one of our instructors.

Below are a list of classes that we recommend you take each session to develop your skills to prepare for auditions.  

  • ballet

  • leaps & turns

  • choreography-based classes such as lyrical, contemporary, jazz

  • private lessons

Time commitment

The Studio b team begins in the summer and ends with the Studio b recital in May.   Each session team members are required to take a team ballet class, team technique class, and three choreography classes.  Team members must have excellent attendance in their weekly classes. The Studio b Dance Team will perform in the Studio b recital, various community performances, and three regional competitions.

Our competition philosophy

Our competition mentality is a very positive one. We believe a positive approach will help produce a positive outcome, and there is always something higher to achieve. It is not about winning a trophy or the highest score. Of course, we love when we are awarded top scores, who doesn’t?! However, we are not going to measure our success by a trophy. We consistently set goals for our dancers and try to compete in an environment where we can always be motivated and inspired by like-minded studios and dancers. For us, competition will always be about motivating, inspiring, and educating dancers in a positive environment.

We want our dancers to focus on doing their personal BEST, not winning. If they have done their best, we are happy and so proud! Sometimes, even when they perform their very best, they still may not place high in the competition. That’s OK! We will receive constructive criticism from experienced, knowledgeable judges with different backgrounds, and we will use this feedback as a basis for improvement and growth. We want to help young dancers understand that disappointments are part of life, and these setbacks help them grow both as a dancer and a person!

While competing, they are also learning to respect other dancers, studios and teachers for their talents! The dance world is very small, and building positive relationships with our peers is very important to us.

Competition gives our dancers multiple opportunities to be on stage in a professional environment. This training is priceless! Dancers learn how to prepare and rehearse as a team, work through nerves, focus amidst adrenaline, and thrive under bright stage lights in a competitive environment. All of this can translate into higher self-esteem, radiating self-confidence, improved public speaking, and so much more.

Our dancers are learning, thinking, and being creative as well as training their bodies. They are learning important time management skills. They are realizing the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. All these lessons easily adapt into other areas of their lives and will serve them well through adulthood.

We are beyond proud of the successful competitive program at Studio b, and we are excited to continue to inspire and grow as dancers and people!


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