What "b" phrase inspires you?


I used to think being creative meant having the best, most brilliant ideas and being able to execute them flawlessly. Now I see creativity as a desire to simply create, whether that be exploring improv, trying out a new hairstyle, making a card for your grandma, baking a cake, the list goes on. Sometimes creativity looks like trying something new and failing spectacularly. Or sometimes it looks like finding a new way to approach a problem. Creativity is present everywhere and in everyone, and you can b creative everyday in big and little ways.

Why do you work at Studio b?

I love the supportive and uplifting environment of Studio b. It's not just a place to dance and exercise; it's a place to make friends, be inspired by others, learn, grow, and express yourself!

Fun fact:

When I'm not at Studio b, I enjoy photography (especially portraits), exploring nature, playing ukulele, making aesthetic to-do lists, reading, watching movies/TV, working on (too many) side projects, and (couldn't leave it off) playing Animal Crossing!

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