What "b" phrase inspires you?


Whether it is in class or in life, I believe it is very important as a dancer to b. open to anything that is thrown at you. You will enhance yourself and your dancing if you take those extra risks, and push yourself past your boundaries. For example, when given a new step or routine in class you may feel scared of change, or feel silly doing something out of your comfort zone. Once you open yourself up to learning these new things, you develop new skills that you did not have before. This is what makes you into the great dancer you strive to be! 

Why do you teach dance?

I teach dance because I receive so much joy from seeing progress in students. I could never repay my instructors through the years enough for the impact they made toward my dance career. I hope to do the same to all my future students!

When did you begin in dance & fitness?

When I was younger I was a huge Brittany Spears fan! 3-year-old me would dance around the house to her music and put on concerts for my parents. My parents knew immediately that I was born to be on stage. Being under the spotlight and dancing has been my forever aspiration and I have refused to pursue any other hobby or sport since.

What keeps you motivated?

I would not want to look back years from now and regret not doing something to my fullest, not learning a new skill, or not taking an opportunity. These future thoughts are what keep me motivated to push myself every day.

What is your professional background?

I am a Marketing and Communication Specialist at Tipmont REMC and Wintek in downtown Lafayette. I am also the head coach for the Harrison High School Raiderettes Dance Team.

Why do you teach at Studio b?

The staff at Studio b made the decision to teach so easy. The program they have built in the little time that the studio has been open is extraordinary. To be a part of something bigger than myself is very special and Studio b has always made me feel very welcome.

Fun fact:

I love to travel! I spent the summer of 2019 studying Public Relations and Communications in Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona, I lived with a house mother and students from various areas of the world. I also had the opportunity to travel to several areas/islands of Spain, Italy, and France.

  • IHSDTA coach

  • Leadership Lafayette Class of 50 

  • Purdue Chi Omega Alumna

  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

  • Purdue Dance Team for 3 years where I competed in D1A Jazz and Pom through the National Dance Alliance

Meet Alexa

Dance Instructor