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What "b" phrase inspires you?


If you have a goal or dream, go after it with everything you’ve got. You may not achieve success overnight, but b.persistent until you accomplish what you set out to do!

When did you begin in dance & fitness?

I first started dancing as a freshman in high school. I had no formal dance lessons and I tried out for the high school dance team and made it. I’ve been hooked ever since! I have done some at home workouts in the past, but two years ago a friend and I decided to check out Studio b and we loved it! I got certified as a Zumba instructor in March 2020, one of their first virtual certifications after COVID caused cancellations for in-person training.

What keeps you motivated?

I want to keep my body healthy to feel well and maintain endurance to keep up with my daughters.

What is your professional background?

Ophthalmic Technician (Medical assistant you an eye surgeon)

Why do you work at Studio b?

I love the friendly staff and welcoming environment. I love to stay fit and have fun while doing it!

Fun fact:

I love to enjoy nature! My family and I go camping, we love to hike trails, go kayaking, and make discoveries outside!

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  • Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN)

  • CPR

  • Studio b Barre

Meet Erika

Fitness Instructor

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