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What "b" phrase inspires you?


We all have so much inside of us that we need to be determined to set and achieve any and all goals you set for yourself.

Why do you teach dance?

To give the gift of has always been a big part of my life and I want to share that with others.

When did you begin in dance & fitness?

I began dancing at a pretty young age, but my dance career really blossomed after high school. I fell in love with Zumba after my first class back in 2010!

What keeps you motivated?

My son!!!!

What is your professional background?

I am a Speech Language Pathologist. I own Therapy Solutions, LLC. It is a local company that provides Speech, Occupational, Physical and Developmental therapy to children locally and across the state.

Why do you teach at Studio b?

I love giving the gift of dance to little ones! Plus, Studio b's core values align with my way of life. I think my favorite core value is b.humble! I tell my son to be a silent leader, know to make the right decisions and lead silently...people will follow! There is no need to boast about anything you have or achieved, material things do not define you. Your heart defines you and Studio b has a great heart!!

Fun fact:

I would give anything to live in Alaska or Wyoming...basically anywhere it snows at least 6 months of the year!! Bring on the snow! Although Fall is my favorite season!  Also, I am a military wife and want to thank my husband for the sacrifices he makes for not only our family but this nation!

  • Former Disney performer

  • Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN)

  • Zumba Basic 1

  • Zumba Gold

  • STRONG by Zumba

Meet Mindy

Dance Instructor / Fitness Instructor

Dance with Miss Mindy this fall!

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