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What "b" phrase inspires you?


As dancers, we are not just athletes; we are artists! And what's extra cool about being a dancer is that we don't need paints, clay, or materials to make our art. We are our own instruments. And the art we create is living in us all the time! Being creative means we get to create something new, authentic, and beautiful every time we dance.

Why do you teach dance & fitness?

Teaching dance has been one of the biggest joys in my life over the years. There's really nothing quite like seeing the progression and passion of a young dancer grow under your guidance.

When did you begin in dance & fitness?

Dance has been a part of my life since I was 10 years old. The first dance class I ever took was a jazz class because I thought ballet was "too easy"... Little did I know that ballet would become the most challenging, yet most rewarding thing in my life.

What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated simply by my huge passion for dance and my goal to be a better person and dancer than I was yesterday. I believe every day or dance class in which you learn one new thing is a success.

What is your professional background?

Outside of Studio b, I am a film editor and photographer based in Indianapolis.

Why do you teach at Studio b?

I love Studio b because it is truly dedicated to providing extraordinary dance education in a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment. Studio b is more than a dance studio. It's a space for exploring and growing, and a place to call home.

Fun fact:

In my free time, I love to play the piano, practice yoga, play board games with friends and family, or just spend all day in a coffee shop.

  • I have had the special opportunity to work with the professional modern company of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre in performances such as the world premier of La Casa Azul the Musical and Superhero. I was also accepted to the Mark Morris Dance Group summer intensive in New York City.

  • Ballet

  • Modern

  • Jazz

  • Tap

Meet Amelia

Dance Instructor / SbDT Instructor

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