What "b" phrase inspires you?


You know those days where everything just seems to be in someone else's favor and everything bad is happening to you? Those days are difficult, and make it more difficult to come into something like dance class with a clear mind and open body and heart. But this is something that will actually help those terrible days. Come to dance class mentally, physically, and emotionally present. This means that you are aware of how you are feeling, conscious of your body's signals, and mentally focused on the task at hand. Use these observations to serve the way you dance that day! Don't be distracted by outside influences; being present will help you to exhaust some of that negative energy.

Why do you teach dance?

I teach dance because I love it. I want to make a difference in a student's life. I want to work with each dancer intimately and strive to access the thing that motivates them to dance outside of themselves. I want dance class to be more than just technique; I want the dancers to live their lives with a focused, determined mindset that comes from the principles they learn in class.

When did you begin in dance?

I honestly don't remember why I started dancing, but I would never take it back; it is what I live and breathe.

What keeps you motivated?

Some days it is hard to stay motivated to dance; you have to be on time, be ready to exert a lot of energy, and use those brain cells to remember combinations and choreography. But I stay motivated knowing that I am given this amazing gift to express feelings and tell a story with my body in such a unique way. I wouldn't trade that gift in for the world, and I am so lucky that I was given this talent!

What is your professional background?

I have a wide rage of professional background that helps me with my job at Studio b. I've managed a private recreation center, worked in HR, taught many types of fitness classes, and so much more.

Why do you teach at Studio b?

I teach at Studio b because their message is clean, uplifting, and creative. I want my dancers to be the best version of themselves and this is what Studio b practices. They want to provide a quality education balanced with a passion for the art, and I cannot ask for more! What a place to start a second home!

Fun facts:

I love toe socks; I have about 10 pairs of them

I am left handed

I have a pet cat named Norbert; he is a cute little gray kitty who likes to get into trouble!

My right hip has an insane amount of turnout, while my left hip doesn't. They're uneven!

I cannot roll my tongue

I love dance!!

  • National Dance Education Organization

  • Barre Fitness Level I

  • BarreSLIM

  • Child Abuse Prevention

  • Former member of Higher Ground Dance Company

  • Former choreographer of Higher Ground Dance Company

  • Former treasurer/Member of Contact Improvisation at Purdue

  • ballet

  • contemporary

  • modern

  • improvisation

  • jazz

  • hip hop

  • musical theater

  • worship

  • bollywood

  • tap

  • character

  • african

  • jazz funk

  • lyrical

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