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Pricing for Spring 2021 Recital Session 


Our 2021 Spring Recital Session includes 16 weeks of scheduled classes with a recital in on May 8. For your convencien the price for a class is broken down and spread out over four (4) monthly installments (January-April). The first installment will be charged to your account upon enrollment and the final installment will be processed on April 5, 2021.

30 min class:   $57.96 per month

40-50 min class:   $69.73 per month
60 min class:  $73.83 per month


Studio b uses a secure online Parent Portal system for processing payments.  Your fees will be automatically charged to your parent portal account and payments processed on the dates below.


We do not send out monthly statements. All tuition is non-refundable. Monthly tuition will be automatically processed until the studio has received a written email request of cancellation.  

If for some reason a payment is declined, you will receive an email notification from the studio. You will have until the 10th of the month to pay the balance due.

Spring 2021 Fee Schedule

The first tuition payment is due at the time of enrollment; the remaining three payments and recital fees will be processed automatically on the following dates:


January 26: costume fee processed

February 1: tuition installment #2 of 4 processed

March 1: tuition installment #3 of 4 processed

March 15: costume balance processed

April 5: tuition installment #5 of 5 processed

Parent Portal

With our Parent Portal, online enrollment is easy as 1-2-3! 

How to Log in

  1. Go to our new Parent Portal page (you can also find the link at the top of our website)

  2. Register on the site: For students who are currently taking classes at Studio b, click “forgot password” and you will be emailed a temporary password.  If you are new to Studio b, click the “Register” button

  3. Enter or review your family and student information to be sure that everything is correct

How to Enroll in Class

  1. Once your family and student information is entered, click “Enroll in A Class” on the home screen of your parent portal

  2. Click on the class name you want to enroll in

  3. Enroll in another class or proceed to checkout

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