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phrase that inspires you: b • daring  

I've always felt that when I walk into a dance studio, I can do anything I set my mind to.  Dance welcomes you to try new things and to achieve goals that you never even knew were possible.  It takes you away from the routine and allows you to really explore your own capabilities as a dancer, as a performer, and even just as a person!  When you're dancing, never allow the word "can't" into your vocabulary.  Always b • daring, never give up, and keep that fire burning in you when you dance!

what inspired you to start dancing?

I've been dancing as long as I can remember, and when I say I danced before I could walk, I actually do mean that!  Of course, this story is one I've just heard over the years, but when I was two years old, I watched an entire two hour long live broadcast of Swan Lake on PBS.  I was a child with the attention span of a gnat and always on the go, yet something about the ballet had me mesmerized.  My mom describes how I stood 3 feet from the television the entire time, occasionally trying to twirl or leap like the ballerinas on TV.  The next year, she signed me up for my very first dance class and I've never stopped being mesmerized by the art!


what keeps you motivated?

As a dancer, what really motivates me are the greats.  It's watching performers like Gillian Murphy, Natalia Osipova, or Sergei Pollunin dance with such grace and passion.  It's taking classes from dancers like Melanie Moore and Alessandra Ferri.  It's watching hours of Youtube videos or seeing a professional company perform.  


  • Acceptance into Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive and Kaatsbaan International Dance Academy Summer Intensives

  • Various awards from national dance competitions

  • Dance Gallery's 2014 Reverance Award and Scholarship Winner

trained in which dance genres?

  • ballet -- Cecchetti and Russian methods

  • contemporary/lyrical

  • jazz

  • modern

  • broadway

  • tap 

  • hip hop

why do you want to teach dance?

Like I said above, what motivates me as a dancer is watching the great performers or the "celebrities" of the dance world.  As a teacher, my motivation is my students.  When I can see that a student is having trouble with a certain step, and when I see them work and work at it, and then when finally it all clicks and they get just the biggest smile across their face--that's what makes my job magical, and that is what keeps me motivated to teach.


why do you teach at Studio b?

Ever since I started teaching at Studio b, I've felt like one of the family.  Studio b has a really special atmosphere about it that's positive and encouraging and I'm so happy to have found it!

any other fun facts you'd like to share?

I am studying brain and behavioral science at Purdue University, and in my free time I'm either traveling, drawing or painting, or I have my nose buried in good book!


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