Spring into Fitness Challenge

February 11 - March 10

Join us for our 4-week b • fit Spring Fitness Challenge between February 11 - March 10 and make your health a priority.
Earn a sticker for every fitness class you attend – the more stickers you get, the more prizes you win!


fitness challenge schedule


Open the pdf below to view and print the schedule of classes offered during the fitness challenge - 
You won't want to miss our double sticker days!

Space is limited in classes, so we encourage you to save your spot!

Prizes Levels

8 stickers:
Studio b water bottle or decal

20 stickers: 
3 free classes of any type, plus the above

28 or more stickers:
5 free classes of any type, plus above prizes

View or print prize chart

fitness class info

class descriptions




NEW! Unlimited fitness pass!

30 days, all classes, only $99. Pass is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.