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phrase that inspires you: b • more  

YOU are capable of so much more than you may let yourself believe! Being a dancer is not easy, but that's what makes dance so beautiful.  You can ALWAYS b more, no matter what.  Even the most experienced dancers still have to challenge themselves to b • more every single day.  And that can mean different things for different dancers.  It can mean to b • more passionate, b more motivated, b • more energetic. I believe everyone has the potential to be the dancer they want to be! But it's up to YOU to stop playing it safe, to take risks, and to hold yourself to a higher standard.  Believe in yourself, and you will b • more.

what inspired you to start dancing?

My best friend started dancing when she was 3, and I was so inspired by watching her Nutcracker performances every year. As I got older, I was always dancing around the house, so to stop me from knocking over any more furniture in my living room, my parents enrolled me in my first dance class in fourth grade.


what keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from many of places.  My incredible teachers throughout the years have instilled drive and dedication in me through extraordinary example.  I also am a huge believer in self-motivation.  I am motivated simply by my huge passion for dance and my goal to be better person and dancer than I was yesterday. I believe every day or dance class in which you learn something new is a success.

unique performance opportunities

I have had the special opportunity to work with the professional modern company of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre in performances such as the world premier of La Casa Azul the Musical and Superhero: The Story of a Man Called Jesus for two year in a row.  I'm truly grateful to Gregory Hancock for this experience. Upon coming to Purdue, I performed a contemporary pointe piece choreographed by Melodie Carr in the student run X Works production. I was also accepted to the Mark Morris Dance Group summer intensive in New York City. 


trained in which dance genres?

  • ballet

  • modern

  • jazz

  • tap

  • bollywood

  • contemporary ballet

why do you want to teach dance?

I have had so many amazing teachers in the past who have influenced my dance career and made me the person I am today. To be able to be the source of another dancer's inspiration has always been a dream of mine.  I want to keep the love for dance alive in any way I can!


why do you teach at Studio b?

I fell in love with the atmosphere and the inviting environment of Studio b. I love that Studio b stands for bettering your physical health in a fun and safe way!  I felt right at home the minute I walked through the doors.


any other fun facts you'd like to share?

I am a Mass Communication major at Purdue University. Go Boilers!!


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